• Councillor Johanna Downey showing her true stripes

    In the December 11th issue of the Caledon Enterprise it was reported that the Caledon Town Council was having a conversation over the Town’s support of local farmers markets. Councillor Doug Beffort suggested that it was not fair to the […]

  • Letter to Monarch Plastics regarding SouthFields Village

    Over the past week we have been encouraging residents to write letters in opposition to the proposed land use within SouthFields. I have just written and submitted my own personal response to this situation to Monarch Plastics. Here is what […]

  • Ian Sinclair and Nancy Stewart were right after all. Now what?

    It’s Saturday morning. Instead of seeking out a Santa Clause parade I’m getting ready to meet with fellow residents. At 11 am, prime family time, I’m going to be discussing what we can to do to regain control of our […]


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